The Schola Bellarmina

The Schola Bellarmina is a men choir dedicated to Gregorian chant. Founded in 1998 in Brussels, this formation has produced the only full Gregorian chant repertoire on compact discs currently available.

bellarmina.jpgThis full series counts 26 discs and is nearing completion. Considering the didactical purpose of the initial project, accent is laid on accuracy of interpretation, hence the choice of a small number of singers versed in Gregorian chant.

Founded by Bernard Lorber, the Schola Bellarmina continues its work under his direction.

Originally composed of Brussels singers who recorded the first 14 discs of the full series of Gregorian chant (1998-2001), the Schola Bellarmina has undergone progressive transformations.

Nowadays, it is composed of severall French professional singer (among which Hervé Lamy and Vincent Lecornier) who team up for work and recording sessions.

The Schola Bellarmina works are edited by Association Sacra Musica.

The whole series of Gregorian chant
Volume 1 to 7: Masses of Sundays and Feasts (14 CDs)
Volume 8: the 18 Kyriale and 6 Credo
Volume 9 to 10: Masses for the feasts of Saints
Volume 11: Funeral Mass and ceremony - Mass for a wedding
Volume 12: Sunday Vespers and Complies - Vesper Hymns for the liturgical year
Volume 13: Gregorian motets
Volume 14: L’office des Ténèbres (Matines for the Holy Week)