7 good reasons to buy the full series of Gregorian chant.

  1. Thanks to this full series, the learning "mess" is over. If until now, learning was a long struggle with decryption, this full series of Gregorian chant will change your life. No more guesswork! Over with approximation! You'll just sing right; you’ll use the notes marked in the book. Farewell to cold sweat and personal improvisations!


  2. Thanks to the full series, you will finally repeat the parts you sing. We have all experienced it: supererogatory activities rarely last for long. To learn Gregorian pieces is something you do on an extra basis, i.e. voluntarily. The challenge often ends up withering your good resolutions. Thanks to the full series, you will start rehearsing Gregorian pieces again and will not look like someone who "would like to, but can not."

  3. Not only will you rehearse, but you will do it with pleasure and enthusiasm! Nothing feels better than to achieve a good result through hard work. Not only will you not be working in vain anymore, but you’ll enjoy studying, hearing and performing the Gregorian repertoire.

  4. With the full series of Gregorian chant, you will penetrate the universe of Gregorian repertoire and finally taste its endless variety.

  5. By familiarizing yourself with the Gregorian repertoire, you will discover many aspects of the Church liturgy you did not know until now. Very soon, you will feel the need to deepen your knowledge of the parts that you sing. You will be naturally taken to read reviews of parts or elements of training that you find on our site (or others). Gregorian parts will not be parachuted elements in the course of a ceremony any more, but thanks to your new knowledge, you will perceive the internal unity of the liturgy and its uplifting and instructing elements. A world of incredible diversity will open to you.

  6. With the full series of Gregorian chant, you will become a driving force of the choir in which you sing. You will not be an extra element. Thanks to your solid singing, you will pay a great service to the choir, the community and the liturgy you serve, helping to make it more beautiful and thus elevate souls.

  7. Nothing sadder than poorly sung Gregorian, nothing more transcendent than well sung Gregorian. With singers like you, the liturgy in its extraordinary form will shine and concretely regain citizenship in the church. The influence of the extraordinary form does not depend on ideas, but on ground achievements. Yet, there is nothing like a beautifully sung Mass to attract souls, and nothing to make them sceptical as a slaughtered mass. The responsibility for the beauty of the liturgy does not lie exclusively on the priest. The laity must also help by performing a beautifully executed chant, and therefore take steps to this end.

Do not wait any longer, acquire this full series and dedicate yourself to learning Gregorian chant! You'll gain as much from it as your audience.

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And since good news never come alone, we offer you a polyphonic chant CD.


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