A New Volume of Gregorian Chant !

ALCG-15This is the last box of the series, a 3-disc box set that offers masses much of which is unique to this day.
Following the publication of Temporal masses (vol. 1-7), we addressed the Feasts of Saints (vol. 9 & 10), at least the major ones. Yet, there was still a need to cover all these Feasts of Saints which – although less important in the hierarchy of liturgical celebrations – are nonetheless sung in various places, often due to local reasons, hence this volume in which the material abounds.
Many saints have no proper mass, but the liturgy makes use of a common one, hence the presentation of the common parts of saints.
But we wanted to add three other chapters:

  • Some masses commonly celebrated and sung in France and elsewhere: Holy Genevieve, Joan of Arc, Therese of Lisieux, Cecilia (patron of sacred music) and the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes, as well as St. Martin.
  • Most masses of the Apostles
  • The melisma of Allelúia added to the three common parts (Introitus, Offertory & Communio) during the Easter season, and this in the eight tones. This last chapter meets the didactical aim of our collection.

As the Gregorian scores of the Masses of Holy Genevieve and Joan of Arc are not to be found in all books of song, we offer them for free download on our website.
Our integral collection of Gregorian chant records ends here, with volume 15. In total, it contains 843 tracks on 32 discs. There are still some disparate elements in the repertoire that are not in our collection. We offer them on our website, the aim being that singers may find any Gregorian piece either on our records or on our website. To facilitate the research of a piece or a mass, a database with a search engine will be available on our website at the beginning of 2014.

See the contents in detail and listen to samples ...