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The Sanctoral Cycle - 9th Volume

From December 8 to July 1st..
8 Masses - 140 minutes

Schola Bellarmina

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From the Immaculate Conception (December 8) to the Precious Blood (July 1st)

9 masses - 145 minutes

  • December 8 : Immaculate Conception Mass
  • February 2 : Purification Mass (Blessing of the candles, procession and Mass)
  • March 19 : Saint Joseph Mass
  • March 25 : Annunciation Mass
  • May 1st : Saint Joseph the Workman Mass
  • June 24 : Saint John the Baptist
  • June 29 : The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Mass
  • July 1st : The Precious Blood Mass


Listen to extracts:

Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Respons Adorna

Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Introit Suscepimus

Saint Joseph Feast Day: Communion Joseph

Annunciation Feast Day: Gradual Diffusa est

Feast of Saint John the Baptist: Introit De ventre

The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Feast Day: Alleluja. Tu es Petrus

The Precious Blood Mass : Offertory Calix

Interlude d'orgue entre les messes. Extraits de Balbastre

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