Payment. Security


After confirmation of the order, you will be transferred on the Credit Mutuel Bank server. This server is equiped with ultimate ressources in terms of web payment security. You may pay online with utmost security. Your order will be immediately taken into consideration and you will get your products under 2 to 5 days; it depends of the country in which the parcel will be shipped.


A message to web users ordering our products from countries in Africa and South-America

Due to the important risks linked to shipments to those countries, our Association waivers all liability regarding shipments and contents from the moment parcel leaves French territory. Should parcel not reach its destination or arrive damaged, no reimbursement or additional shipment can be made.

In case of order, we e-mail our customers with parcel number, so that they may trace the corresponding shipment. However, for countries outside the European zone, such tracing is only performed up to the French border.

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