Problems with orders and payments

You are experiencing problems whith:

  • creating your profile
  • placing an order
  • paying online

Here are a few advice to solve those problems.


Your site does not allow online payment with my credit card, while other commercial sites will.

This problem is linked with the 3D Secure security system.

This system was designed to avoid fraudulent payments with credit cards (in case of a stolen credit card, for instance).

Until now, to make a payment online, all you needed were the credit card three main data.

The 3D Secure system brings in an additional authentication step, in which your bank has to check that you are effectively behind the purchasing process.

During payment, our bank communicates with your bank's server. If the transaction is rejected, it will be rejected by your bank, which may mean:

  • either a problem with your card (not enough funding, for instance)
  • or a need to register with the new authentication service. Please contact your bank to do so.

Why then do advanced sites like Amazon and others not use this kind of system?

As a matter of fact, many large sites have not adopted this norm yet, but it should not be long, months at most. So in any case, you'd better ask your bank about it. It is a one shot, and a warranty for secure online payments ever after.

But why make things more complicated?

In terms of security, it is such a great progress that a limited and temporary annoyance should not prevent you from taking this step. Until now, fraud was relatively easy: anyone in possession of the card 3 main data (card number, expiry date and security code) was free to use your card to make commerce. But with this new norm, nobody else but you may use it.

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